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Diamond Painting Projects for Kids! has lots of projects that are perfect for kids. This craft may require some extra help for a very young child, but they are great for hand-eye coordination and learning numbers and letters!

Stickers Llama diamond painting Sports Super Hero Owl Stickers

Diamond painting stickers are great for kids! One sticker only takes 15-20 minutes for even a very small child. Kids also love the ability to stick their completed work on a notebook or other item of their choosing.


Kid's Kits crab kid's kit sloth kid's kit Squirrel Diamond Painting Pig diamond painting

Our kid's kits are perfect for youngsters. In designs they adore and a smaller size that's not too overwhelming, kid's kits are sure to bring a smile to those little faces!



We have SO MANY keychain designs! Individual keychains are fun and quick. We also have sets in anywhere from four to eight keychains


Birthday Cards Birthday Cards has cards for every occassion, but these Cartoon Birthday Cards make a great project for kids to give along with a birthday gift. The cartoon animal theme is fun and child-like. They will be a hit at your next birthday party!

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