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Round Square
30 x 40     $49.95 30 x 40     $54.95
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50 x 70     $59.95 50 x 70     $64.95
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Note: Custom Kits take approximately 6 weeks for delivery. The $10.00 deposit (plus taxes where applicable) when placing your order is non-refundable. The remaining amount is due when the kit has been completed and is ready to ship.

Please upload your photo using the box above. If you are unable to upload your photo, you can complete paying the deposit then and email the photo to along with your order number and we will process it for you. Three canvas sizes are available (in both round and square diamonds) with drill areas of: 30x40, 40x50 and 50x70. 


We cannot state this strongly enough: Not every photo or image makes for a good Diamond Painting. Pictures with fine details, words or slogans can be difficult to capture in Diamond Painting – especially in smaller sizes.  Faces are especially difficult in diamond paintings if they are far away. Close up pictures should be used if there are people in them. Be aware of large areas of blank space or large one colour areas and how that may affect your diamond painting. Also pay attention to large areas of water, reflections, haze or areas out of focus as they are difficult to accurately reproduce. If it is even a little difficult to see in the picture it will be impossible to see in your Diamond Painting.  

Our team is here to help! Included in the cost of the custom kit is a recommendation from our Design Team with respect to the picture itself as well as one proof of what the canvas will look like given the size chosen/recommended. Each additional proof will be subject to an additional $10.00 charge. 

What is included with your Custom Diamond Art Kit?

Everything you need to complete your project is included. You will receive your custom canvas, drills, diamond pen, wax and tray. 

Round drills versus square drills?

Many find round drills to be “easier” but square drills tend to make a painting look a little more finished as the drills leave no gap between them. Bottom line is it really does come down to personal choice.

We reserve the right to reject certain submissions for custom paintings.  We do not customize licensed or trademarked works, pictures depicting illegal activity, hate speech, pornography etc. In these cases the deposit will be refunded.



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