A Step-by-Step Guide to Diamond Painting

A Step-by-Step Guide to Diamond Painting

You just received your first diamond painting in the mail. Now what?!

We’ll help you with every step and let you know the best ways to complete your masterpiece and display it!

Step 1: What’s included with your diamond painting kit?

Each diamond painting from DiamondArt.ca includes the picture you chose printed onto a sticky canvas and a tool kit. Our standard tool kit includes a tray, pen and wax, while the upgraded tool kit includes a few extras like multi-placer tips and a pair of tweezers. 


Step 2: Unpack the diamond painting. 

Unroll the canvas onto a flat, smooth surface. If the canvas edges are curling up, you can roll the canvas the opposite way from which it was packaged. This should help flatten the canvas. 

Unpack the tools from the bag and lay them out. Remove the clear cover from the wax. Dip the diamond applicator pen into the wax. This will allow you to pick up a diamond. 

Step 3: Choose a symbol to start with.

There are many ways to begin a diamond painting. Some people like to begin in a corner and go from there. Some people like to tackle the colour with the most dots on the canvas first. How you start is up to you! 

Once you have chosen your symbol, find the corresponding pack of diamonds. Pour a small amount of those diamonds into the tray. Now you can have some fun! Give the tray a slight shake back and forth. This helps the diamonds lay “sparkly side up” and this is how you want them before they are applied to the canvas. 

Step 4: Place your first diamond!

Peel back the clear cover on the diamond painting. Since your pen has already been loaded with wax, you are ready to place the diamonds. Take the pen and place it onto the sparkly side of a diamond. Apply that diamond to the correct symbol. Now your diamond painting is underway!

Step 5: Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Continue placing the diamonds until you have completed the symbol you started with. Now you can move on to a new colour and a new symbol. Repeat this process until the entire canvas has been filled with your beautiful diamonds!

Step 6: Use a roller on the canvas.

This step is NOT NECESSARY, but some diamond painters like to use a roller on the canvas once they have applied all the diamonds. This will help the diamonds adhere better to the glue. Roll the roller over the entire canvas to really get those diamonds stuck! Don’t roll too hard - you don’t want to damage the top of the diamonds. Don't own a roller yet? You can purchase one here

Step 7: Seal the diamond painting.

This step is also NOT NECESSARY, but some diamond painters like to cover a completed diamond painting with a sealant. This helps keep the diamonds on the canvas and also helps combat fuzzies and debri sticking to the glue between diamonds. Most diamond painters do not seal a diamond painting if it will be placed in a frame behind glass. Looking for a sealer? We reccommend DecoArt Triple Thick Glaze. You can purchase it here

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