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Diamond painting (also called diamond art) is best been described as cross stitch meets paint-by-number. It involves placing tiny acrylic "diamonds" (typically square or round) on a printed canvas brushed with glue. The diamonds (also referred to as "drills") transform into a beautiful shimmering mosaic art piece.
Each kit contains everything you need to complete your painting including the diamond painting printed on a canvas, all the diamonds you need, diamond pen for applying diamonds, wax pad and diamond tray.
Each diamond painting kit comes with instructions. You may watch our How-To-Video here:
Many beginners prefer round diamonds. Square diamonds require a bit more patience and the drills leave no gap between them. Ultimately, the choice is a personal preference. 
Some beginners prefer a smaller canvas as their first diamond painting project. Our 35 x 45 cm diamond paintings (or smaller) are a terrific choice for a new diamond painter. only sells and strongly recommends a poured glue painting. Double-sided adhesive may cause air bubble or creases in the canvas that require a crafting knife to correct. These issues can create extra work or in some cases not be repaired at all.  Poured glue is not prone to these issues. 
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  • Diamond colour. Please include the 3 or 4-digit DMC code from the colour key. 
  • Approximately how many diamonds you need 
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