DiamondArt.ca 2022 Holiday Gift Guide


We can help you find the perfect gift for every person on your shopping list.

We have a huge selection of projects that are suitable for kids, teenagers, and diamond painters of all skill levels.

 We'll show you the best gifts and make you a star this holiday season!



DiamondArt.ca KeychainsDiamondArt.ca Kid's Kits DiamondArt.ca Stickers

DiamondArt.ca can help you find the perfect gift for any child this holiday season!

Keychains are popular for our younger folks. They can be finished quickly and added to a backpack zipper or hung on almost anything!

We have small diamond painting kits (we call them Kid's Kits) with kid-friendly designs in a size that is not too overwhelming for a young person to complete.

Stickers are a fun gift that allows the kiddo to show off their work anywhere and everywhere.

We have hundreds of projects for the child in your life that they will be sure to love! And remember - everything they need is included in the kit. No extra purchases necessary!



 DiamondArt.ca Special-Shaped Diamond PaintingsDiamondArt.ca Bookmarks DiamondArt.ca Notebooks

Have a teenager on your holiday list you want to impress? We've got you covered!

Special-shaped diamond paintings are practically made for teens! They are quicker to complete than full drill paintings and they're so fun and sparkly.

Do you have an avid reader on your Christmas list? Bookmarks they create themselves make a fantastic stocking stuffer.

Diamond painting notebooks are great for general notetaking and make wonderful diaries. Teenagers love them!

Diamond painting projects make perfect gifts for hard-to-please teens. There are so many design and style options - we have something for every interest!



DiamondArt.ca Essentials Kit DiamondArt.ca Small Diamond PaintingsDiamondArt.ca Washi Tape


If you know someone who has just started diamond painting, we have many products they will appreciate!

Our Essential Accessories Kit includes everything a newbie needs to get started! Drill storage, trays, multi-placer pens - this kit has it all.

A new diamond painter usually prefers to work on smaller projects and we have lots of those. 35x45cm is a great size for beginners!

Washi tape is used to protect any sticky areas outside the drill area from fuzzies and debris. And we have so many FUN colours and designs!

Accessories make a great gift for a newbie and most of them are very affordable! We have many small gifts that make excellent stocking stuffers.



DiamondArt.ca Ultimate Diamond OrganizerDiamondArt.ca Large Diamond PaintingsDiamondArt.ca Drill Pens


Even the most skilled diamond painter can use some extra accessories and paintings to continue their hobby.

Our Ultimate Diamond Organizing System is ideal for permanent drill storage or for the current work in progress.

We have HUGE diamond paintings - up to size 60x90cm! These large diamond paintings take a lot of patience and are best for experienced diamond painters.

Our upgraded drill pens offer a whole new level of comfort for those long hours spent drilling away at the diamond painting table.



DiamondArt.ca AB DiamondsDiamondArt.ca Diamond Painting Paint-by-NumberDiamondArt.ca DMC Stickers

Don't forget another VIP on your Christmas list this year - YOURSELF!

Would you like even MORE sparkle on your diamond painting? We have AB diamonds you can add to special areas to make them dazzle even more!

If you'd like to mix it up a little, we have canvases with paint-by-number AND diamond painting! The background is painted first and then diamonds are added.

DMC labels add some extra organization to your stash. Our colour-coded system makes grabbing the correct diamonds at a glance even easier.

We truly have something for everyone at DiamondArt.ca. Let us know if you're looking for something special and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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