So You Finished Your Diamond Painting? Now Let's Make It Last!

You've poured your heart and countless hours into meticulously placing tiny diamonds, and now your masterpiece is complete! But before you hang it on the wall, let's talk about how to keep your diamond painting looking its sparkly best for years to come. 

First things first: dust patrol! A soft brush (think makeup brush) will gently sweep away any sneaky dust or stray drills that might have snuck in during your creative adventure.

Now, let's talk sealing (optional, but recommended). A coat of sealer acts like a superhero shield, protecting your diamonds from getting bumped or losing their shine. You can choose brush-on or spray-on – either way, follow the instructions carefully for a flawless finish.

Location, Location, Location

When choosing a spot to display your diamond painting, consider these enemies of sparkle:


  • Sunshine? Not for your diamonds! Harsh light can fade those beautiful colors. Find a spot with softer lighting for your masterpiece.
  • Humidity is the enemy. Keep your diamond art away from bathrooms and kitchens where moisture loves to hide.
  • Think "just right" for placement. Avoid hanging your artwork where it might get bumped or brushed.

  • Not ready to display it just yet? No worries! Tuck your diamond painting away in a cool, dry spot like a closet. Leaning them against a wall with foam boards on either side provides extra protection.

    By following these simple care tips, you can ensure your diamond painting continues to sparkle and bring you joy for years to come. Keep sparkling! ✨



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