What are DMC codes?

If you're new to diamond painting, you may have heard of DMC codes. But if you're not sure what these codes mean or how they can help you, we'll start from the beginning!

DMC stands for Dollfus-Mieg and Company, the leading manufacturer of embroidery floss. They applied a numerical code to each colour they produced. This code has become the standard in diamond painting drill colours, making all colours used in diamond paintings universal! There are now 447 DMC colors. 

Here is an example of a DMC Colour Code Chart:

DMC Colour Code Chart

How is this chart helpful for diamond painting?

Each bag of drills in a DiamondArt.ca diamond painting kit is labeled with a DMC code. You can then use the Colour Key on our diamond painting canvas to apply the diamonds to their correct symbol. But the best part of drills labeled with DMC codes is that you can save them to use for other projects! 

Looking at the colour chart on the canvas above, the first colour on the list is DMC 150. Those diamonds should be the same colour as any other diamond painting you purchase that includes the colour DMC 150. 

What is a "Stash"?

You can save any diamonds remaining when you have completed your diamond painting, label them, and keep them for later. Diamond painters sometimes refer to these diamonds as their "stash." You may need diamonds from your stash in the future if you receive a diamond painting with a shortage of a colour, or sometimes a colour may be missing altogether. Most companies will send diamonds to you if you do not have enough (DiamondArt.ca certainly does!), but if you have the colour on hand, you don't have to wait 😊

Tips for Storing Extra Diamonds

Some people store their extra diamonds in labeled resealable (zip lock-style) baggies. DiamondArt.ca sells a few products that can help with organizing your stash. Our most popular product for storing extra diamonds is the Ultimate Diamond Organizing System

Our Ultimate Diamond Organizing System comes in three different sizes and is perfect for storing LOTS of different colours!

Another popular item for organizing your diamond drill stash is our Drill Storage Stickers

DMC Drill Stickers
This set of colour coded stickers has a sticker for each of the 447 colours in the DMC colour chart. They make finding the colours your need a breeze!
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