What are AB Drills?

You'll notice a lot of our diamond paintings have the label "With AB Drills." Are you wondering what that means? We explain it all here!

AB is short for Aurora Borealis, which is also known as the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are notorious for their stunning display of shimmering lights. That beauty has been captured and placed on to diamond painting drills. We call them AB diamonds! 

AB drills have a beautiful rainbow coat that gives them an iridescent, opalescent shine.

Some of our diamond paintings include AB drills. You will see that label on each diamond painting that includes them. The description of those diamond paintings details how many colours and how many AB colours those diamond paintings contain.

We sell AB drills separately in both round and square diamonds so you can add some extra shine to projects yourself! You can choose a colour (or colours) on of your diamond painting that you think could use some extra sparkle. Once you know the DMC number, you can purchase the corresponding AB colour on our site and swap out your regular diamonds for ABs! We don't have every DMC colour available as an AB drill, but we do have a lot of them :) You can find them here: https://bit.ly/ABdrills



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