LED Drill Pen
Plastic battery-operated (2 AAA) LED drill pen. Click top to turn on light. Measures 15.5 cm in length.  Batteries not included. 
Acrylic Hand-Turned Drill Pen
Acrylic drill pen. Comes with a single placer tip and interchangeable 3, 6 and 9 placer tips.  Measures 14 cm in length without a multi-placer tip on the end. Measures 1.5 cm across at widest point. 
3D Christmas Card
ONE partial drill (round and special diamonds) Christmas card and an envelope Each card measures 18 x 13 cm (5 x 7 inches) when folded in half Each kit contains everything you need to complete your card including: 1 Christmas Card1 EnvelopeDiamondsDiamond...
Round Diamonds DMC 100 - 499
One pack of diamonds. Approximately 500 diamonds per pack.
Round Diamonds DMC 700 - 899
One pack of diamonds. Approximately 500 diamonds per pack.
Drill Storage Stickers
Assorted round drill storage labels. Includes number 1 thru 99, letters A thru Z and all 447 DMC numbers.  Each sticker measures 1 cm in diameter. 
Blue Heart Wax - 5 Pieces
5 pieces of blue heart wax.  Each heart measures approximately 1 inch (2.6 cm) x 1 inch (2.6 cm).  
$3.95 $0.99
Release Papers (20 pieces)
Release papers may be used to keep your diamond painting free from dust, dirt, debris, and pet hair.  Both sides of each sheet are non-stick and can be used multiple times.  Each sheet measures approximately 4 x 6 inches. Exact measurements...
White Glitter Washi Tape (1 Roll)
Glitter washi tape to protect sticky borders or to mat diamond paintings for framing. Includes 1 roll of wash tape. Each roll is 1.5 cm wide and 10 meters in length.  ****THIS WASHI TAPE WILL ALLOW WRITING OR THE COLOR...